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Fool me once...🤡

Well, we came up short on ideas for our own April Fool's, I'm not even going embarrass myself by noting some of the suggestions that were floated. SO, instead of our pranks - here are few of the best ones we've loved over the years.

Enjoy! 🤸 

1. Flying Penguins?  

 If there is someone you can trust, its David Attenborough right? Wrong. This BBC prank is one of my favourites. I'm pretty sure Sam hasn't cottoned on yet..... 

2. Pasta Water

Pasta water kings Mob Kitchen got me good with this one a few years ago by launching a new "bottled pasta water" brand with Ocado. Jokes aside, is there a better accidnetal ingredient than pasta water? Probably not.

3. No more thieving!

We've all got that chip thieving mate and McDonalds have entirely out done themselves here.... 

Fry thievery will no longer be tolerated. Introducing a new Three Fries portion for your mates that “just want a few”. 

4. Hate it or love it? 

So the lip experts at Vaseline and flavour junkies at Marmite allegedly joined forces back in 2011 to create a mouthwatering new flavour...