Delicious, Frozen Ready Meals

Made using only the best, sustainably sourced ingredients. Cooked and frozen instantly to seal in the goodness!

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Sustainable packaging

Our trays and sleeves are made from responsibly sourced plant-based materials. Compost it, recycle it, just don’t bin it!

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Eco friendly bike delivery

No fossil fuels, no fumes, just old fashion leg-power. Delivered across London through our network of dedicated cyclists.

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How it all works…

From the field to your freezer to your fork – this is how it all works. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, we’ve done a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make sure that your job is as easy as pie…or lasagne…or brownies!

We Source

The highest quality ingredients for the best flavours

We source amazing produce from a collection of brilliant suppliers . From free range English meat to freshly made pasta, we’ve made sure we’re using the best.

We Cook And Freeze

Our chefs get to work....

Having spent countless hours honing the recipes, we get to work cooking each dish with love and care. As soon as its ready, we freeze them down lock in all the freshness and flavour.

We Deliver

Straight to your door

We deliver directly to your door via a network of cyclists in London. This means less cars on the roads, less traffic and no fossil fuels! Check out our delivery area here.

You Feast!

Enjoy a hassle-free banquet

Sit back and let the oven work its magic. Once everything’s ready, enjoy your feast! Don’t worry about the washing up, all the packaging can go in the compost, (except the plastic film, recycle that!)