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How to Refer a Friend 👯‍♀️

Here's your step-by-step guide to earning money off FieldGoods.

You're welcome. ✌🏼

Step 1: Create or login to your FieldGoods account

We're the first ones to admit that having a million accounts on different shopping websites is annoying.

However, it does save you time and money. And you can save that password in your browser (do it).

So, head to and hit the 'Login' button. Circled in a lovely shade of Barbie pink in the adjacent image.

Don't worry if you've previously checked-out as a guest, just create an account with the email you used for any previous orders.

Step 2: Place your order & copy the link

Build your bundle, add your meals, head on to checkout. No changes there.

And HERE'S the crucial bit. This little message we've got in the image here will pop-up right after you pay & checkout.

All you have to do is copy that link. It's personal to you, and will mean any friend you refer will credit money to YOUR account. How fun.

Step 3: Share the love 💚

As they say, sharing in caring. And can you get more caring than sharing food?

When you share your link with your pal, and they make a purchase, not only will they get £15 off that order, but your account will be credited with £15 too.

So you can get even more FieldGoods 😇.

And that's that. Get in touch via if you have any problems.

Now get shopping 🛒

Ell & Sam.