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How to send a gift 🎁

Food is a true love language.

What better way to say thanks, show you care, or give a gift that's truly useful.

There are 3 ways you can gift with FieldGoods. Here we'll run through them so you can decide which is best for your lucky recipient.

Option 1: Grab a Gift Card 💵

For when you're not sure what they like, or maybe you're just not sure how big their freezer is? A gift card is a great option to give them flexibility.

It does mean they have to put in a little more effort, heading online and making it happen - but hey, it's a great and safe route to take.

Head to this link (don't worry, it will open in a new window) and pick the amount you'd like to give.

If you'd like to gift a different amount - drop us an email via ✌️

After buying, you'll receive an email with a link to your gift card & a code with which to redeem it at checkout. You can send this on to the lucky recipient anytime. All gift cards have a one year validity from the time of purchase.

Option 2: Pick a Gift Bundle 🎁

If you'd like to send your lucky recipient a bundle straight off the bat, but you're just not sure how to choose the meals - we have 3 ready made bundles that'll be perfect for you.

There are 3 options:

  • Ell & Sam's Picks - our (current) favourite dishes
  • New Parent Bundle - perfect for parents or families, with 10% of every sale going to Tommy's
  • The Classics - classic home favourites, ft. plenty of pies 🥧

Head to this link (don't worry, it will open in a new window) and pick the one for you. Click on each bundle for more information about the dishes they each contain.

Once you've made your choice, throw in a few sides and desserts to really make their day. Dauphinoise Potatoes and Sticky Toffee Pudding are a win every time.

Option 3: Go totally bespoke 🎨

You like a little personalisation and hey, you know what your recipient wants, or at least, what you want them to have.

In which case, why not build a bespoke bundle. Of any size.

Head to the bundle builder via this link (don't worry, it will open in a new window) and pick the mains, sides and desserts you'd like to give.

After that follow the regular steps to checkout, just don't forget to add a gift note to tell them who it's from.

Oh, and obviously throw in a can of Perello Olives and Tony's Chocolonely. After all, it is a gift.

Get in touch via if you have any problems, or use the handy chat function at the bottom right of this page if you're ordering in working hours (weekdays, 9-6).

Now get gifting 🎁

Ell & Sam.