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How does a FieldGoods subscription work?

The easiest, simplest way to enjoy FieldGoods is - you guessed it - to subscribe.

You define the meals you get each time (yes, you can change them), how often you recieve deliveries and if you'd ever like to pause.

Here's a handy step-by-step to ordering your first subsciption box.

Step 1: Choose your box

From the homepage, either click SHOP NOW or BUILD YOUR BOX. When you get to the page pictured here, select the size of box you'd like to subscribe to.

Our Medium Bundle is our best value, and over time will save you money. It's what we'd recommend! However, if you have a smaller freezer then the Mini Bundle may well be the one for you.

We don't currently offer the option to subscribe to our Party Bundle, as we expect you'll be using it for just that - a party!

Step 2: Choose your portion size

For both the Medium Bundle or the Mini Bundle, you can choose between single or double size portions of each meal in your box. The number of meals you get changes depending on the portion size.

For example, in the Medium Bundle it's the same price to have 8x single portions, or 6x double portions. It's designed to maximise value.

The number of meals in each box is fixed. For now!

Step 3: Choose your meals

The fun part. Choose the meals for your first box. Don't worry, you can change them between deliveries so you won't be tied to what you select for the first one.

You can filter by diet at the top if you need: select from dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan.

The green bar at the top of the page will show you how much room you have left in the box that you've chosen. If you love a particular meal, you can have more than one of them - go for it.

Step 4: Choose your sides

You don't have to add sides or desserts, but they're pretty great. Sides are at the top, and if you scroll down you'll spy some desserts too.

If you do want to add something in, you can choose up to 6 in a Medium Bundle, or up to 4 in a Mini Bundle.

Sides can also be varied between deliveries, so don't worry you're not tied to the amount you choose in your first box.

Step 5: Choose your frequency

Here's the important bit - if you're subscribing, make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button in the frequency box. You'll also be able to select how often you'd like deliveries in this box: choose between every 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 weeks. You can always come back and change the frequency later if you change your mind.

If you are going with the Medium Bundle, a 20% discount will already be applied, which you can see in the image here. The Mini Bundle box price remains the same on a subscription.

Step 6: Add some treats

You know you want to. Optional, but always a good idea. We change these every so often so keep an eye out for new appearances.

EITHER click on the treat you want to add, and hit 'add to cart' OR hit 'ignore and proceed to checkout'.

We'll leave it with you.

Step 7: Choose a delivery date

Pretty straightforward this one. Choose your preferred date for the delivery of your first box. We'll deliver the next boxes in sequence from there.

Delivery is free next day across mainland Britain - if you're unsure whether we deliver to you, check out our delivery postcodes HERE.

If you'd love a cheeky Saturday delivery it's £5 to compensate those lucky weekend drivers.

Step 8: Checkout & enjoy!

Enter your delivery address and payment information. We'll use what you enter here to charge for future subscription deliveries too, just let us know if you'd ever like to change either the address or card details.

We'll be in touch via email to help you choose your meals for your second delivery.

If you're ready - SHOP NOW

If you have questions about subscriptions or anything else, chat with us via the icon in the corner - we're here anytime between 9am-6pm GMT Monday - Friday.

If you're outside of those hours, email us via

Bon appétit!

Ell & Sam.