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What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? 💘

Well, obviously you can go glam. Get the jewels, the flowers, the cards (a particularly strong foodie lover round-up in that link) and the weekend away. Not to be sniffed at, and we salute those that do. 

But ultimately isn’t Valentine’s Day simply about showing love? For yourself, the couples, the singles, the families and the pets. 

Plus this year it’s on a Tuesday. Surely all anyone really wants is a delicious, easy dinner in?

So our answer to that question is undoubtedly: FOOD

Ideally feel-good FieldGoods food. (Don’t blame us, blame the marketing team). 

But seriously, you can’t go wrong. 

Here are our top 3 Valentine’s Day dinner menus. Get all 3 and enjoy them all week. Or just anytime you want to show some luurrve  ⬇️

For the indulgent ones 🍫

🥩 Beef Bourguignon

🥔 Dauphinoise Potatoes

🍫 Melt-in-the-Middle Chocolate Brownie

No-one knows if it was the Dauphinoise or the Bourguignon that came first, but they have been inseparable ever since. Delectable grass fed beef and red wine sauce with rich, creamy potatoes. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?!

Just when you thought you'd made it out alive, enter molten chocolate. Our Great Taste Award winning Brownie will top things off with a bang. After that, well we’ll leave it to you.

For the traditional ones 🥧 

🥧 Chicken & Leek Pie

🍠 Hasselback Potatoes

🍮 Sticky Toffee Pudding

Birthdays, weddings, Valentines - Chicken Pie is the traditional classic that never fails. Made with the juiciest free-range chicken from Somerset, buttery sautéed leeks and the creamiest mushroom and tarragon sauce. Team that with rosemary roasted Hasslebacks and we've got a date.

To really make it as unforgettable as a Tuesday can be, finish off with our classic Sticky Toffee Pud. No regrets.

For the flexitarian ones  😋

🍄 Mushroom Lasagne

🥬 Peas, Leeks & Lardons

🍎 Apple & Blackberry Crumble

Nothing says love like Italian food. We’ve layered sheets of pasta with our roasted mushroom ragu and smooth béchamel sauce, topped off with a blanket of our favourite mature cheddar. To make a meal of it, there is nothing better than our buttered peas, leeks and lardons. With the undisputed* king of puds: crumble, to follow, we got a winner.

*based on a survey of two: Ell & Sam.


Bon appétit mes chéries.

Ell & Sam.