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How to serve our Goan Fish Curry 🎣

Our Goan is a fragrant, coconut curry rich with flavour. Crafted with sustainable fish from the one and only Moxon's Fishmongers. 

As Gilly says on Trustpilot, it's "Out of this world". 🚀

Like all FieldGoods food, we aim to be more than a ready meal. You can eat it from the (sustainable) box, or you can elevate the experience. That's what we'll show you here. 

Ingredients (Serves 2)

1x double portion FieldGoods Goan Fish Curry

1x 250g pouch of Nice Rice Pure Basmati

2x lightly warmed Naan Breads

1x Red Onion

1x Red Chilli (to taste)

1x large handful of Fresh Coriander

A squeeze of Fresh Lemon Juice

A good sprinkle of Sea Salt (to taste)


1/ Pop your Goan Fish Curry in the oven, pre heated to 180°C.

2/ Finely slice your Red Onion (into rounds, gently encouraging the layers apart), Red Chilli (as much or as little as you like) and Fresh Coriander (removing the stalks).

3/ Mix your salad together in a dish, topped with a good squeeze of Fresh Lemon Juice and sprinkle of Sea Salt, both to taste.

4/ With 5 minutes to go on the curry, microwave your Nice Rice pouch, and lightly warm your Naan Breads in the oven.

5/ In a bowl, serve the Rice first, top with the Goan Curry (we like to place the Fennel on top), cushion with a Warm Naan, and finish with a good handful of your side salad.

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Most importantly, enjoy!

Ell & Sam.