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Happy Mother's Day 👩🏻

This one's for all the Mums out there, especially ours. 💖
Our Mum, Kirsten, all 5' 3'' of her, taught us about food, dinner time and sticking our fingers in the candle wax.
From as early as we can remember, she has united us around the dining table. A table laden with food, drinks and salad, always salad. 
Through this we (mainly me, Elliot; Sam is more of an eater than a cooker) have learned how to cook; the importance of using ingredients that sing, and that we should probably eat a few green leaves with every meal. 
Without Mum, there wouldn't be mealtimes to remember, or FieldGoods. So thank you to her and all the other Mum's out there holding it down and inspiring their kids.

🥗 Memories & Mealtimes 🥗

Interestingly, Sam's first food memory is Sour Apple Hubba Bubba from the village shop, and mine is Strawberry Jelly at his 3rd birthday. Sorry Mum. Fortunately, we have come on a bit since then, with Sam proclaiming that Mum's chilli is the holy grail, and I struggle to argue with that.

Growing up in Devon, life's pace is slightly slower, which also means meals happen when they happen, and finish when they finish. Lunch can start at 4pm and dinner can finish at midnight; much to the dismay of Dad who regularly naps at the table.

But there's something else about the mealtimes Mum creates. It's more than the food: it's the time for talk (boy she can talk), for jokes, for debates, for catching up and for arguing about if you should have a bigger plate to begin with or seconds... I'll let you decide that. 

And the green salad. A mainstay. And when I say mainstay, I mean the salad bowl barely leaves the table. Roast? Salad. Curry? Salad. Ramen? Salad. 

Despite unknown meal times, sleeping Dads and an impatient Sam; dinner is the engine room of our lives and Mum is at the helm. Thank you so much for inspiring us, guiding us, for your undying support and enthusiasm of food, and more importantly - us.

We love you Mum

Ell & Sam. xxx