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Eaten Alive Smoked Sriracha Hot Sauce

Eaten Alive Smoked Sriracha Hot Sauce - FieldGoods

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This guy has 3 great taste stars for a reason, it's so good I could drink it. Think about how good a smoked sriracha is going to taste, then double it and double it again, now we are close to this.

Oak-smoked hot and sweet peppers are combined with garlic and slowly fermented to develop tantalisingly complex flavours. It’s smoky, rich and tangy with a subtle chilli kick. 

100% Natural - absolutely nothing artifical, vegan, biolive - totally unpasteurised and bursting with beneficial bacteria.


Spice rating 🌶️

Ingredients: Smoked Red Pepper, Smoked Chilli, Smoked Onion, Raw Vinegar, Garlic, Chilli Powder, Miso (Rice Koji, Soybean, Water, Salt), Raw Sugar, Salt.

May contain traces of Soy, Celery and Mustard

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