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How to serve our Lamb & Apricot Tagine 🥘

This is a dish that's all about add-ons. From bulgar wheat and bread, to almonds and yoghurt, the list goes on. I’m a starch loving man, but for those that want to keep it lighter, it’s just as awesome with some roast aubergine.

And for those of you that are clamouring for it, here is my quick & sort-of-easy Tabbouleh recipe.

What I am calling Tabbouleh here, is in essence, any grain or pulse, mixed with a whole bunch of chopped herbs, sliced tomatoes, olive oil and lemon juice. Lovely.

Tabblouleh Ingredients 👨‍🍳

Serves 2

200g Basmati Rice (or other grain)

2 good handfuls of Fresh Herbs (Parsley, Mint, Basil, Dill, Coriander all work well)

150g Cherry Tomatoes

1 Lemon, Zest and Juice

75g Raisins or Pomegranate Seeds

75g Seeds (Pumpkin or Sunflower work well)

2 or 3 large glugs of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (50 - 75 ml)

Maldon Sea Salt

Step 1: Prep 🍚

Choose your grain (for me, bulgar wheat, basmati rice or giant cous cous are the best, but if you’re a quinoa person, you go for it) and cook as instructed. 

Get out a large bowl, big enough to fit and mix all the ingredients in.

While your grains are cooking, scrunch your herbs together in a roll and chop and finely as you can, the shaper the knife the better - watch your fingers. Place these in the bottom of your bowl.

Step 2: Colour 🍅

Slice your tomatoes into quarters, or halves, however you like them. If you have larger ones, I like to cut them into irregular shapes. Add to the bowl

Grate the zest of your lemon into the bowl. If you have a microplane, use this, if you don't have a microplane, you need to ask for a microplane for Christmas, they're awesome.

Add in your raisins and seeds. Remember, if you like a crunch, add more seeds, this isn't an exact science!

Step 3: Assemble 🌟

Once your grains are cooked, allow them to cool until warm, fluff them up a little and add to the bowl.

Drizzle over the olive oil, half the lemon juice, a very good pinch of salt and mix around. Season with salt and lemon juice to taste.

You should have a fresh, herby salad with lovely lemon flavours and bursts of sweetness with the raisins.

Serve with your Tagine, some lightly warmed flatbread and a dollop of fresh yoghurt!

Et voila. Enjoy! Get a Tagine in your next bundle HERE.

Ell (& Sam).