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How to serve our Pork and Fennel Ragu 🍝

A Great Taste Award Winner for good reason. There's something about this tomato-ey pasta dish that's warm and comforting; yet also just a real, fresh treat on a sunny day.

Here's how we serve it. Spoiler: it's simple. 😎

1/ Get that Ragu cooking 💫

All of our meals are best cooked in the oven (180ºC Fan / Electric 200ºC / Gas 6 for 35-40 mins) but if you're short on time the microwave works a treat (850W for 4 mins).

Make sure to pierce the film before cooking and don't forget to recycle or compost the sleeve. ♻️

2/ Prep your salad 🥗

Roughly chop some Cherry Tomatoes, finely slice some Shallots ands tear off some Fresh Basil Leaves.

Toss together in a low bowl with a good glug of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a little White Wine Vinegar, a generous sprinkle of Maldon Sea Salt and Fresh Lemon Zest.

All quantities by eye, season to taste. ✌🏼

3/ Serve like a pro 🍷

When the Ragu is finished cooking, leave it to stand for 2 minutes and give it a good stir. Be careful when removing the film, and make sure to recycle or compost all parts of the packaging. ♻️

Spoon into bowls, layer with large strips of freshly cut Parmesan and add a generous serving of your freshly made salad. And a large glass of vino, of course.

Now enjoy, and transport yourself to Tuscany 🇮🇹

Ell & Sam