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How to serve our Slow Cooked Beef Chilli

Now it wouldn't be a Chilli without a Guac would it. This is one of my favourite things to make, it take 5 minutes, looks great and BANGS with our Chilli (don't forget the Cheese to top it all off!)

Hass Avocados

Make sure you get a perfectly ripe Hass Avocado for this, it makes all the difference!

Banana Shallots

An Onion, but better. If you aren't already using them, its time to start!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I love this brand of unfiltered Olive Oil, its easily available and not too ££.

There are a thousand opinions on guac - chunky, smooth, spicy, mild, tangy, salty yada yada. This is my take, made in the way I love. Its fresh and bright and I like to keep it all chunky.

Serves 2

1 x ripe avocado

1 x banana shallot (a small onion will do)

1 x red chilli

1 x handful of coriander

4/5 ripe cherry tomatoes

1 x lime

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Slice your avocado in half and pop out the pip. Using a spoon gently scoop out the flesh into a bowl like ice cream. You're looking for rough chunks.

Peel and very finely dice your shallot, finely slice your coriander, stalks and all, roughly chop your tomatoes into irregular chunks, finely dice as much red chilli as you like, and add to the avocado.

Add the zest of your lime and half the juice, along with a very good glug of olive oil and generous pinch of salt.

Gently stir the mix together - the avocado will break down so be careful.

Give it a taste, it should be tangy and salty with bursts of sweet from the tomatoes and balance with the creamy avocado.

Just don't forget to add our Beef Chilli to your next bundle for the perfect dinner!