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A reintroduction 📚

Hey everyone, Ell & Sam here 👋

Some of you might have noticed we're having a little more fun with what we've been sharing with you recently.

We hope you've enjoyed it so far, from the perfect Pancake recipe, to Valentines's Day menus and our handy Lent hacks. There's more to come, packed with recipes, hacks and foodie inspo.

We wanted to touch on why we're doing that, and what that says about FieldGoods. 

If you'd like to know more, read on. Of course, if you'd rather oggle at the food and build your next box, please go ahead. We get it. 

If you're still with us, it all starts with food. It always has.

At FieldGoods we make handmade, sustainable, frozen ready meals. 

Real food, the sort of food you'd be proud to serve to friends and family. The sort of food that makes you reminisce about your favourite childhood meals, the dishes you just can't wait for.

Food to squabble over. Food to celebrate. Food to connect over. Food to relax. Food to feel good.

Food you just want to eat.

We were lucky enough to have been brought up in a family where mealtimes were sacred. Both for the food itself, and for the feeling it evokes.

We want to bring that joy and playfulness to life in everything we bring you as a brand. From ideas and inspiration, to our own messing around. 

Expect more joy, more stories and more personality. 

And always the tastiest possible menu, with the most sustainable, forward looking supply chain.

Here's to that, and really to anyone that's read this far. 🥂

And now for the good stuff: just get some food.

Ell & Sam.