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What are you giving up for Lent? 🍫👀

5 hacks to help you Field-Good

We love food...

...but even we get addicted. That mac 'n' cheese. 🤤

And we all know Lent is a great time to give up a vice. Even us (reluctantly).

Whether you’re looking to cut-out chocolate or to save money, we’ve pulled together 5 FieldGoods hacks to help you stay on track. You got this. 💪

1/ Cutting-out chocolate?

The classic. Well the advice here is easy, just don’t order the brownie ok? 😭

We’re crying too, but don’t worry, they’ll be piled up waiting for you at Easter.

2/ Saving money on food?

You could go out with your mates OR you could buy a FieldGoods dinner for 6 (or 10 if you have lots of mates) and entertain at home. Our chicken & leek pie goes down a storm with guests. 🥧

The wine is BYOB, plus you can pretend you made it. We won’t tell.

3/ Giving-up meat?

4 of our veggie meals (3 with great taste awards), plus the fish pie, are ready and waiting. That’s not even including 4 sides and all 3 puds.

Simply filter by diet when building your box. Our red thai vegetable curry is pictured here. 🍛

4/ No sneaky snacking?

A toughie, but it can be simple.

Eating real, homemade, nutritious, unprocessed food (spoiler alert: FieldGoods food) then you’ll be fuller and less likely to reach for the hula hoops.

5/ Eating more sustainably?

Let us do the hard work for you. Compostable packaging, recyclable film, regenerative beef, the list goes on.

When you eat FieldGoods, you can feel good about the work we put in to make the world a little more green. Read more here. 🌱

Use this guide to BUILD YOUR BOX of Lent friendly options, whatever your goal.

Good luck everyone!

Ell & Sam.

PS - the brownies really will still be there at Easter. 🍫