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Great Taste Awards 2023 🏆

We're chuffed to have won another NINE awards this year, including a coveted TWO stars for our Steak & Ale Pie 🥧. Check out the line-up and a flavour of what the judges had to say below.

Steak & Ale Pie 🌟🌟

There she is. A pub classic. She'll be back with a bang this winter.

The judges reckoned it had a "tantalising aroma" the "seasoning is spot on" and the "meat is tender, falling apart on the fork".

It honestly doesn't get better than that.

Pork & Fennel Ragu 🌟

Our first star for this beauty of a pasta dish.

The judges reckon it's both "attractive and authentic", "the pork is finely minced and softly textured" and overall it's "well flavoured with layers of fennel and the parmesan".


Peas, Leeks & Lardons 🌟

Our first side dish with a star, and our peas deserve it.

The judges noted the "proportions of the vegetables and lardons were spot on". And of course that "the butter came through nicely."

It makes us hap-pea.


Beef Lasagne 🌟

Our La La Lasagne has also joined the GTA ranks.

Described as "a great take on a classic" and that it gives off "rich aromas... meaty, tomatoey and Italian herby." Yum.

We're also especially proud that despite the fact we'd never claim to be Nonna's they reckon "the pasta is cooked well whilst holding onto firmness." 🇮🇹


Beef Bourguignon 🌟

This legend of a dish has also joined the team.

We're very flattered it was described as "a rich stew, with generous chunks of beef and whole shallots, cooked until meltingly soft."

Some wonderful adjectives were also used, including that it was "seasoned judiciously".


Spanish Chicken, Chorizo & Butter Beans 🌟

Affectionately referred to as El Pollo Español, the "depth of flavour" clearly won the judges over.

They pulled out the "saltiness and some heat from chorizo, grassy freshness of the parsley and brightness from the lemon".


Sticky Toffee Pudding 🌟

Given it was recently voted best pud by over 50% our customers, we're delighted the judges think it's tasty too.

We loved their evocative description "the initial intense flavour of butterscotch soon transcends into a moreish tease from the dates".

We'd demolish one of these any day of the week.


Lamb & Apricot Tagine 🌟

A repeat winner, and for good reason. The judges said they were "immediately impressed by the authentic appearance of this dish".

They reiterate that its "glossy and aromatic" complete "with pleasingly sizeable chunks of lamb". Agreed.


Cauliflower Butter Masala 🌟

Another second time winner. We know it's such a favourite with everyone who tastes it, it's great to hear the judges agree.

The judges reckon the "flavour intensity is richly appealing with a profusion of spices and a peppery chilli kick on the finish". Yup.


If you've not already tried these ones, get them in your next order.

And of course a huge shout out to the whole kitchen team and Head Chef Matt.

Cheers to that 🥂

Ell & Sam.